Welsh Coast to Coast Off-Road (MTB) Record Attempt

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Welsh Coast to Coast Off-Road (MTB) Record Attempt

On Monday 5th May I am planning on riding the Welsh Coast to Coast route and attempting to beat the current record, which stands at 20hrs 10 minute by Richard Holmes. The original route was devised by Dave Buchanan who rode the route and set the first time. It is 205 miles, starting in Caernarfon and finishing in Cardiff Bay.WC2CRoute
The route differs greatly to the route that A Cycling will be using for the C2C MTB tour in August, with the record route being devised to be the fastest route whilst still being off-road. The attempt will be unsupported, in the same way the previous records were and follows similar rules to the Tour Divide in America. The only help that riders can have is what would be available to everyone, so water refills are from public taps for example. Anyone following the attempt is not allowed to interfere at all.


If you read my blogs, then recently I have mentioned a lack of training and hard times but without any real explanation. Now is probably a good time to explain. 8 months ago, my father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. He fought it with every ounce of energy he had, but passed away last month. In December my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and in an advanced stage and is continuing to fight it. Watching them both go through hell, battling this terrible disease has been heart braking and left both our families in a state of shock and with a real feeling of helplessness.

A few days ago, I decided that I wanted to do something to help, however small. I will be attempting the challenge and raising money for Cancer Research Wales in the hope that whatever I can raise can go towards further research for prevention and cure of this horrible disease. I have setup a Just Giving page for anyone that might want to donate:

Our Dads

I have a SPOT tracker for the challenge, it will allow GPS tracking online, so anyone can follow my progress and see where I am. The plan currently is to leave Caernarfon around 5am on Monday. For full details and updated, follow my Twitter: @mattpage24

I will still be riding the Dyfi Enduro as planned, but will be keeping things in reserve with the record attempt in mind.

UPDATE: I did it! 18hrs 41minutes. Read the full report here.